Validate the simulation flow

Validate the process by setting the number of simulation instances the process will trigger and defining the probability that activities are performed.

To validate the flow you need to set the parameters of Start Events, Sequence Flows and Gateways. You can associate parameters with a calendar to help you to predict how a process performs at different times.

The moment a simulation starts, you can monitor its progress on the Simulations page. At the end of the simulation, view and download the results to see if the flow behaves as expected.

A successful validation will have the same number of tokens at the start and at the end of the simulation. If there’s a difference in the number of tokens, the simulation results will help you understand where the flow gets stuck or loops.

Configure Start Event parameters

Define the number of instances the process will trigger and the trigger type.

You can configure the parameters for all types of Start Events.

  1. Select the Start Event.

  2. In the Parameters panel that opens, click the current trigger setting.

    The default setting is ‘No trigger’.

  3. In the dialog box that opens, set the trigger type, then click to close and save.

    Trigger Description
    No trigger No instances will be generated and the process won’t start.
    Simultaneous Generates multiple instances at the same time.
    Recurring Generates an instance at time intervals until it reaches the maximum number of triggers. (Optional) If the maximum number isn’t defined, it generates instances without end.

parameters panel configure trigger type

Configure Sequence Flow probability

Define the probability that the process will diverge into different paths by setting the combined values of Sequence Flow probability.

Probability values are in percentage and all values combined must equal 100. If you don’t define probabilities, they will be equally distributed.

You can set probabilities on Exclusive Gateways or on Sequence Flows.

To set probabilities:

  1. Select the Gateway or Sequence Flow.

  2. In the Parameters panel that opens, click the current probability setting.

    The default setting equally distributes probability across the sequence flows.

  3. In the dialog box that opens, use the slider to set the percentage or type in the exact value, then click to close and save.

    Once you’ve set a probability value you can click the corresponding toggle to lock the value so that it doesn’t change when other values are modified.

configure probability

Edit parameters

  1. Select the element.

  2. In the Parameters panel that opens, select the parameter and in the dialog box that opens, make your edits.

  3. Click to close and save.