Simulation in Cardanit

The Cardanit simulation feature enables you to test the performance of a process and visualize how it impacts your organization before implementing it in a real production environment.

Simulating your processes enables you to validate and fine tune the process without causing disruption to everyday operations. It helps you determine the impact the process has on operations, quickly identify issues and bottle necks, optimize resources and make better, more informed decisions.

Access the simulation environment

The first time you open the Simulate tab you’ll be asked to start setting up the simulation model.

  1. In the Simulate tab, click Start.

    This opens the process in the Simulate tab.

Simulation environment

Before you start, take some time to get to know the layout of the simulation environment.

simulation environment

  1. Click the Cardanit logo to go to Home and open the menu to go to My Files, rename the project and access simulation results.

  2. The tools on the left of the toolbar:

    • Click and to undo and redo actions.

    • Click to download the BPMN/DMN model.

  3. The tools on the right of the toolbar:

    • Run the simulation

    • Click to define simulation settings.

    • Click to open the Parameters panel.

    • Click to go to full screen mode and hide the header.