Your role determines what you can see and do in the Admin console.

Enterprise has three roles: the billing admin, admin and user.

Billing admin

If you’re the person who purchased Enterprise, you’re the billing admin.

The billing admin purchases subscriptions and manages them. There can only be one billing admin at any one time.

The billing admin can:

  • Buy subscriptions.

  • Assign other admins.

  • Add or remove subscriptions.

  • Access payment and billing information.

  • Cancel Enterprise.


Admins assign and unassign subscriptions to users and can add and remove users from the Enterprise list of users.

There’s no limit to how many admins you can have.

Admins can:

  • Assign and unassign subscriptions.

  • Add and remove users from the list.

  • Move subscriptions from one user to another.


Users can’t access the Admin console. To change their subscription or for any other action, they need to contact an admin.

Users can:

  • Access their account page.

  • View their subscription details.