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Streamlining multi-scale modeling: a BPMN-based no-code approach for simulation workflows

23 April 2024

Learn how Cardanit helped translate theoretical MODA workflows into executable multi-scale modeling workflows for simulation studies.

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Guide on data modeling in BPMN 2.0

20 July 2023

This free guide can help you discover the potential of data modeling in BPMN 2.0 and give you the knowledge to create reliable data models.

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Success Story

Saving time and effort in coating materials development with Cardanit BPMN editor

18 December 2022

Using BPMN to move from unorganized practices to formalized procedures. A real case applied to coating development process.

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Success Story

Cardanit BPMN editor becomes corporate practice in healthcare business process management

15 July 2022

How adopting BPMN at corporate level helps improve business processes and performance in healthcare organizations

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Success Story

Why BPM modeling can help streamline processes in the IT sector

15 June 2021

Relying on BPM software helps model, restructure and streamline business processes and decisions in the IT industry. A real case by business consultancy QUIN.

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Success Story

Optimizing warehouse logistics with the right BPMN editor

31 May 2021

How BPMN helps business analysts implement an IT solution for warehouse logistics management. A real case by an IT logistics company.

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Success Story

Cardanit BPMN editor becomes the key solution for companies’ merger

27 October 2020

Being able to quickly and efficiently describe internal processes is essential in streamlining companies’ merger. The use of BPMN in the healthcare sector.

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