Cardanit features list

Cardanit is a web modeler for Business Processes based on the BPMN and DMN standards. Cardanit supports a subset of
elements of the BPMN standard as certified by
the test performed together with MIWG
(Model Interchange Working Group).

Editing features:

  • Drag and Drop nodes from the BPMN and DMNpalette (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Next-item ring on selected nodes (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • BPMN and DMN basic rules enforced with visual feedback (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Alignment guidelines and arranging facilitations (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Auto-split sequence flows when dropping a node in between (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Snapshot download (png/pdf) (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Auto layout (Go, Run)

BPMN and DMN tools:

  • XML view synchronized with the graphical model (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Hidden attributes panel (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Multi-diagram support
  • BPMN files import (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Model export in BPMN (Viewer, Go and Run)

Other features:

  • Auto-save (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Project sharing and real-time concurrent editing (Go and Run)
  • Integrated chat (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Contextual help (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Start from a template (Viewer, Go and Run)
  • Customization (Go and Run)
  • Version history (Go and Run)
  • Automated report (Go and Run)