Cardanit is the new BeePMN.

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Map your processes
Enhance your business

Say goodbye to scattered work and extra hours. Welcome a dynamic process and decision modeling experience to optimize the business you analyze.

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Create clear diagrams fast

Create clear diagrams fast

Take full control of your workflows. With complex processes, our intuitive visual editor can make the difference to deliver your projects ahead of schedule.

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Collaborate smoothly

Collaborate smoothly

Access your workflows from anywhere, anytime. Discuss and share projects with your team to enjoy a stress-free modeling experience.

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Integrated DMN support

Use BPMN with integrated DMN support

Stay tuned: model processes and decisions either separately or concurrently to improve process clarity and empower advanced analytics.

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Excellent user experience

Enjoy the numerous editing facilitations and an intuitive graphic interface. Focus on the model and save time while drawing.

Automatic report generation

View detailed workflow descriptions, along with screenshots and links. Create and download shareable model documentation on-the-go.

Layout customization

Highlight key activities, add a splash of color and use your favorite font for labels and annotations to give a personal touch to your workflows.

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