Data Elements

A business process usually requires some form of data and it can also produce data.

Data Elements can represent data that is placed in the process, data that results from the process, data that needs to be collected, or data that needs to be stored.

There are four types of data element: Data Input, Data Output, Data Object and Data Store.

Common Data Attributes

These attributes are common to all data elements.

You find attributes in the Attributes panel.

For information on the attributes that are specific to a Data Element, see the documentation for that element.

Fill in these fields in the Attributes tab:

  • Name

    The name of the element. The name appears in the element label.

  • Description

    A description of the element.

    Descriptions are optional but they can be useful if you want a comprehensive report.

  • X and Y

    The position of the element in the diagram.

    Use to manually adjust the element’s position.