Data Store Reference

A Data Store Reference references a Data Store. A Data Store represents a collection of information and is commonly used to reference IT systems, applications, databases and folders. A Data Store persists beyond the lifetime of the process.

You can use a Data Store Reference as a source or target for a Data Association.

You can have multiple references to the same Data Store in a BPMN model. You create a Data Store in Definitions.

a Data Store Reference symbol

Data Store attributes

Fill in this field in the Attributes tab:

  • Data Store Reference

    The ID of the Data Store that is visualized by the Activity.

    You find message IDs in the Data Store tab.

    Click to view the list of Data Store IDs and select an ID.


If you haven’t already defined the Data Store Definition at a BPMN model level, you can define it in the Data Store tab:

  • Data Store

    Define a Data Store.

    • To add a Data Store, click Add.

    • To remove a Data Store, select the Data Store from the list then click Remove.

    • To complete or edit a Data Store, select the Data Store from the list and fill in these fields:

      Field Description
      Name The name of the Data Store.
      Description A description of the Data Store.
      Item Definition The data type of the Data Store.