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Model processes and decisions jointly

Cardanit empowers you to adopt both Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Decision Model and Notation (DMN) in a user-friendly way. Combining the two standards simplifies business processes by avoiding complex gateways structures with clear and compact decision models. Choose to start modeling by process or decision first and smoothly switch from BPMN to DMN from our straightforward dashboard. Cardanit has never made so simple to use BPMN and DMN in a combined and synergic way.


Auto layout for tidier diagrams

Cardanit allows you to organize your workflows effortlessly, so you can save time. When you draw diagrams of complex processes, you would like to focus on their content and on the logic to model them without the need of aligning the elements and organizing their structure. The automatic layout gives you the chance to quickly tidy them up at a click of a button. The result is a neat, orderly and perfectly readable workflow ready for sharing with colleagues and clients, and lots of spare time that you can dedicate to other tasks.

Switch BPMN and DMN diagrams easily

Easily transfer your models with XML

Cardanit automatically transcribes your BPMN/DMN models into an XML file. You can use it to enrich your models with non-graphical elements. You can either view the XML file or export your models and import them into compatible BPMS (Business Process Management Software) tools so they can be automated.

XML for download

Automatic process manual for your clients

To make your work more readable and easier to share, we added one more view of your model: the user manual. When creating the model and filling out the 'description' fields you can get the automated report of your model ready for download and for handing it to your clients. That’s another way to easily present your work and to clearly explain it even to people who are not familiar with the BPMN and DMN standards.

More than an editor

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More than an editor

Hosted in the cloud, Cardanit is a BPM software as a service and needs no installation. Access your models from anywhere and seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues and clients by sharing and commenting on your diagrams on the go. Moreover, with Version history, you can maintain multiple variants of the models or revert to previous ones. Thanks to Cardanit customization features, you can give a different look and feel to your models and highlight the most important elements, personalize your text fields and align the elements.

Easily model your workflows

Easily model your workflows

Cardanit implements BPMN and DMN in a user-friendly way that helps you effectively map and manage business processes and decisions. Draw your diagrams with its easy drag-and-drop functionality, use the modeling ring suggesting which elements can follow, or power up your modeling with the help of our magic wand. BPM has never been this easy.

Work efficiently with models and views

DMN Elements

Work efficiently with models and views

Don’t forget you can draw multiple diagrams in each project. BPMN best practices recommend drawing processes in a hierarchical and iterative way. With Cardanit you can keep the whole process in the same project and keep your focus on each diagram on a specific level of the model. DMN distinguishes between the overall decision model and partial views on specific subsets. With Cardanit you can easily create big decision models, where you can reuse business logic freely, and focus on drawing representation of each key decision on separate diagrams.

Know your standards

Why BPMN 2.0?

The Business Process Modeling and Notation Standard 2.0 defines a set of common rules to create workflows for business processes. Widely used by business process specialists to share information with their peers, clients and IT professionals, BPMN is a visual language that helps you automate processes, collect data and communicate effectively with customers and colleagues.

Why DMN 1.3?

The Decision Model and Notation Standard 1.3 provides a common notation that is readily understandable by all business users, from analysts to technical developers to business managers. DMN may help you visualize also strategic decisions and KPIs, while it offers its best when optimizing and speeding up repetitive assessments and operational procedures.

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BPMN 2.0 - DMN 1.3

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Personalize your elements.

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Version history

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Process manual at a click.

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Business Process Management the Cardanit way

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