Gateways enable you to control the paths that a process can take. You can use Gateways to consolidate or split paths or to provide additional paths based on a condition or event.

A single Gateway can have multiple inputs and output flows. They can merge on input, and split on output.

There are three types of Gateway: Exclusive, Parallel and Event-based.

Gateways appear as a diamond shape. If there’s no marker, in accordance with BPMN specifications, the Gateway is considered an Exclusive Gateway.

a Gateway symbol

Common Gateway Attributes

These attributes are common to all Gateways.

You find attributes in the Attributes panel.

For information on the attributes that are specific to a Gateway, see the documentation for that Gateway.

Fill in these fields in the Attributes tab:

  • Name

    The name of the element. The name appears in the element label.

  • Description

    A description of the element.

    Descriptions are optional but they can be useful if you want a comprehensive report.

  • X and Y

    The position of the element in the diagram.

    Use to manually adjust the element’s position.