Cardanit DMN

Cardanit DMN is based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) open standard that is used for the specification of business decisions and business rules.

DMN is a standalone tool but is designed to work alongside BPMN. Like BPMN, DMN is managed by the non-profit organization Object Management Group (OMG).

DMN enables you to model complex decision-making in your organization in a format which can be understood by business analysts and stakeholders. It focuses on the logic behind every decision and aims to provide a formal documentation on how decisions are implemented in a business activity.

The primary purpose of DMN is to separate business decision logic from the business process. By keeping the two separate, each can be changed without affecting the other. This reduces the complexity of business process models and facilitates process readability.

The two key features of DMN are the Decision Requirements Diagram (DRD) and decision table. DRDs are a visual representation of the model. Decision tables define the logic behind decisions. Together, DRDs and decision tables form a complete and functional DMN model which is known as a Decision Requirements Graph (DRG).

Decision models are saved as DMN 1.3 XML files. The DMN standard includes an Extensible Markup Language (XML) notation which enables the platform-independent exchange of DMN 1.3 models.

To learn more about DMN, refer to the OMG DMN specification.